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Game Development

  • TSDL: An OCaml module providing thin bindings to the SDL 2.0 library. SDL provides a cross-platform interface for graphics, sound, fonts, and game controller input. This library uses ctypes, and therefore requires less work to track changes to the C SDL libraries.
    • tsdl-ttf: Support for SDL’s truetype font library.
    • tsdl-mixer: Support for the sound mixer component of TSDL.
    • tsdl-image: Support for the image-loading component of SDL.
  • OcamlSDL2: Bindings to the SDL 2.0 library using C files rather than ctypes. Bindings (possibly incomplete) exist also for SDL_image and SDL_mixer, but not for SDL_ttf.
  • OcamlSDL: Bindings to the older SDL v1.2 suite, including SDL_image, SDL_ttf, and SDL_mixer.


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Game Engines