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Documenting everything about OCaml


A list of projects written in OCaml, useful for learning and for gaining inspiration.

Compilers & Analysers

  • Flow - A typechecker for Javascript written by facebook.
  • Pyre - A type checker for Python written by facebook.
  • Haxe - A cross-platform programming language.
  • bap - The Carnegie Mellon University Binary Analysis Platform (CMU BAP) reverse engineering and program analysis platform


  • Cumulus - Hacker news like website with the OCaml framework Ocsigen
  • OCamURL - A url shortening server with a GraphQL API.

Desktop GUI’s

  • 0install - A decentralized cross-distribution software installation system, uses GTK2.

Command line applications

  • Passmaker - A memorable password generator.
  • unison - A file-syncrhonization tool for OSX, Unix and Windows.


  • liquidsoap - The swiss-army knife for multimedia streaming.
  • google-drive-fuse - FUSE filesystem backed by Google Drive
  • XenServer - Open source software to build private and public clouds
  • MirageOS - The OCaml unikernel operating system