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Documenting everything about OCaml


File Formats


  • yojson: an optimized parsing and printing library for the JSON format.
  • jsonm: non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml.
  • ezjsonm: library to simplify usage of jsonm.
  • data-encoding: A library for JSON and binary encoding of values.
  • ocaml-yaml: Parse and generate yaml 1.1 files.
  • biniou: extensible binary data format, like JSON but faster.
  • xmlm: a streaming codec to decode and encode the XML data format.
  • sexplib: a S-expression parser and printer
  • ocaml-protoc pure OCaml implementation of Protobuf with binary, Yojson and BuckleScript JSON support.
  • bin_prot efficient, type-safe binary protocol specific to OCaml.
  • camlon: configuration and serialization format similar to JSON but with an OCaml feel.

Data Science

  • npy: read and write the numpy file format.
  • hdf5-OCaml: OCaml implementation of hdf5 reader/writer. Commonly used in data science.


  • camlPDF: OCaml library for reading, writing and modifying PDF files.
  • bencode: Bencode (.torrent file format) reader/writer.
  • Decompress: a pure OCaml implementation of Zlib
  • Easy-xslx: read Microsoft Office Open XML files.
  • hevea: library to convert LaTex to html. Currently used for the OCaml manual