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Documenting everything about OCaml



  • ppx_expect: a Cram-like framework for OCaml, enabled by PPX metaprogramming. Write some code that creates output, and then create expectation tests that match the output against a canonical version you write.
  • craml: another cram-like framework, this one testing the expected output of command-line applications instead of code within OCaml.
  • Alcotest: a lightweight and colourful test framework.
  • OUnit: a unit test framework for OCaml based on HUnit, a unit testing framework for Haskell. It allows one to easily create unit-tests for OCaml code.
  • QCheck: a property testing library inspired by Haskell’s QuickCheck.
  • iTeML: formerly known as qtest, it supports inline pragmas to generate tests.
  • Kaputt: a comprehensive testing framework.
  • Pa_test: general inline testing macros.
  • TestSimple: a lightweight unit testing framework compatible with the Test Anything Protocol.
  • Behavior Driven Development using Cucumber.